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The Screenwriting Novelist??

        Novel writing has never been my thing – I think in pictures not paragraphs. But, when I came up with a story that was too complex to be told on the screen (unless it was broken into two parts), I suddenly found myself diving into the world of novel writing. This particular story takes place between 1911-1933. Yep, I am writing a historical fiction piece.
        I actually started outlining and researching this story 3 years ago, but sadly on December 29, 2016, my paper notebook (with ALL my notes and outlines – EVERYTHING) was stolen along with my iPad (the thief’s true goal) right out from under my nose at a Starbucks in downtown Chicago. The word devastated only scratches the surface on how shocked and upset I felt when I realized my notebook was gone. Especially considering I felt I had completed my research that day, as I sat in the Starbucks waiting for my friends, and was ready to start writing – finally. After a few weeks of being so angry I couldn’t see straight, I came to the conclusion the only thing to do was start over. As I headed to my local library to pick up the books I had previously perused for information, a lady came up to me and asked me what I was working on. I thought she was a librarian. The next thing I know she was pulling all sorts of books for me. She gave me much better sources than I had found the first time around. I have never seen this woman again and now I am convinced she was just a stranger, not a librarian. Or maybe an angel? 😉 And maybe it was divine intervention that my notebook was stolen, because my research has been 1000 times better this go around and thus my story has improved ten fold.
         I downloaded an app called NowThenFree and have been tracking my writing time and the pages I read – whether historical research or reading historical fiction for writing style inspiration. Over the past 10 years, I had maybe read 15 books. Not this year! 27 books, almost 8000 pages, and counting. All this reading has lead me to my blog. I want to help boost historical fiction and non-fiction writers. History contains some of the best stories and knowledge to help us as we walk through the chapters of our own lives. And, who knows, maybe one day I’ll get to tell you all about my new historical fiction book that’s just been published! 🙂